Plumbing is always in high demand, mostly because of developments and real estate businesses. If you want a piece of this multimillion dollar industry you need a plan, well laid out before you can pursue this venture. You need to know what you want; if you want to sell plumbing supplies or you just want to go into service provision. Both require different planning and approach. Here are some tips from professional plumbers.

Plumbing supplying

First of all…

Get a good name for your business. You know what they say about first impressions. You should have a name that people are excited about.

Documents you need

It’s a business, you need a good business plan. Plumbing needs careful considerations about how you will invest on your business and how you get returns. The business plan will be key if you also need a business loan or an investor on board.


You need licensing. The last thing you want is a legal confrontation. Keep your business legal. You should also have a background in plumbing and certifications necessary if you will convince people that your products are goof for your home.

Invest in advertising. Plumbing business is also just like any other business and it to have products promotions if you are going to attract customers.

Things to put in consideration

The location of your business. You want a location that development is ongoing. This gives you a market to sell your plumbing supplies. You need to fully understand your market and relate it to the location you are at. The maintenance cost of the location should also count ( rent, rates, leasing and other financial costs).


Your wholesaler. Know how to get your supplies in time and at a good price if you will make a profit out of the business. However, don’t compromise on quality because if you offer faulty equipment you could be held liable for any incident that happens to your customers.

Invest in logistics. Most supplies are bulky, heavy and delicate. Dedicate to getting your customer quality products in time.

Plumbing servicing business

If you are the type that wants to be on call for any handy work, you want a service company. It is has a secure market as you have to help maintain systems for people and handle emergencies. It’s quite a nice venture especially if you love plumbing.


You need certifications on your educational background. You also need to show that you are experienced in the field before customers can hand you the responsibility of handling their home or business plumbing.

You need a license and other legal verifications as per the laws in your business area. Have all documents the authorities need to avoid any sort of misconduct. Get yourself a business plan too. It will be important for both your business and investors if any come up or you decide to approach.

Get a reliable equipment supplier who you can have on call if you need something for repair. You should also have someone with the same or even more diversified experience in plumbing to you in doing the jobs.


Handy people are fit. Get fit and healthy in order undertake your job professionally. You should also be good with people and communicate. Your business will rely on constant communication with your customers.


Invest in branding and marketing. Get a good name, money will follow you. Branding is everything when it comes to service. People want a professional expert who is proven to be the best. You should invest in tools, both for plumbing and communication. Have the ability to work flawlessly and be reachable.

In the end, be it in supplying or servicing, work hard and smart at the same time.